Wednesday, March 4, 2015

See Dried Drill Cuttings in Water-based Mud after Handled by GN Vertical Cutting Dryer

Recently, after i cited one of my clients on GNLW decanter centrifuge, he explained he also requires a drying solution of mud treatment. Certainly, GN solids control can offer a total solution. Last year, GN has shipped several drilling waste cuttings management system, the first is for an African customer, the other is for Cyprus customer. And lately, GN offered 4 models of drilling waste cuttings management to Russia for Baker Hughes.

Regarding to drying solution, there tend to be two ways. The first is applying High G force linear motion shale shaker that is usually utilized for water-based drilling mud for which is much harder to manufacture, the second is vertical cutting dryer that is used for oil-based mud. As the problem for dry drilling waste water-based mud with a high G pressure linear motion shale shaker would be that the shale shaker can't provide the expected drying effect.

While, GN Solids Control has shown in CNPC job site that GN second generation vertical cutting dryer could handle water-based drilling waste, and provide expected results. It really is break-through news, meaning companies may use GN vertical cutting dryer to exchange high G pressure shale shaker to deal with water-based drilling waste to obtain more satisfying results.

After treated by GN vertical cutting dryer, solids discharge in the bottom opening is proven as with the next pictures. The drilling waste liquid can be dealt by GN high-speed decanter centrifuge. Next, the liquid could be used again within the drilling mud system. This vertical cutting system reduces most of cost for drilling companies to mixing drilling mud, and save lots of money to dispose the drilling cuttings waste.
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