Thursday, February 26, 2015

The choice of dimension for Mud Tanks

Mud tanks are the base of a drilling mud system, regardless of oil and gas drilling mud solids control systems, or HDD or CBM or TBM, or whatever.  When there's drilling and there mud can be used, it's important to possess mud tanks.

It's not a difficult job for an engineer to create a mud tank using the modern soft-wares like AutoCAD or three dimensional drawing tools, but exactly how to assist the client to obtain an ideal tank in the beginning time? May be the asked for storage capacity of tank enough for design? GN Solids Control shares some suggestions.

1. When the first is requesting a solids control system for oil and gas drilling, this means the drilling mud comes from the well hole directly. Within this situation, we have to consider the weir height of shale shaker when selecting the peak of mud tanks. If the entire height of shaker weir and tank height is simply too large, it's possible that the mud can't fall in the pipelines from well mouth. This tip is particularly for workover rigs. For meeting customers’ different demands, GN has designed its shale shakers to supply several optional weir types.

2. Throughout transportation, what equipment within this system might be taken apart, while which equipment has to be fixed on tank and moved together? Actually, mud agitators will always be on mud tank, while shale shakers and mud cleansers will always be removed temporary.

3. Can there be any legal requirement in the users’ local for that biggest width or biggest height? This should be taken care.

4. just in case of worldwide business, the machine have to be shipped by ocean. What type of ocean shipment will the consumer accept?

Obviously, the storage capacity can be the fundamental requirement which needs to be meeting in the beginning stage. GN always believes to supply the clients with best and appropriate solution.
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