Saturday, March 28, 2015

GN Mud System for 2000HP Drilling Rig

Each year, GN Solids Control design and manufacture many teams of oil and gas solids control devices for customers from abroad and domestic market. For GN Solids Control, GN can offer mud recycling systems for drilling rigs for example 650 HP, 750HP, 1000HP, 1500HP or 2000HP.

Just take 2000HP drilling rig for example, GN mud system can cope with 300m³/h. Usually, GN mud product is composed with 7 mud tanks: trip tank, shale shaker tank, centrifugal tank, mixing tank, shearing & reserve tank, and in addition the reserve tank. Suction tank can also be utilized while the whole system connects using the ruthless mud pumps and provide drilling liquids for that drilling rig.

For that trip tank, the max overall dimension is 6.5 X 2.95 X 2.37m, that is about 12m3. The trip tank is outfitted having a mud agitator and mud gun.

The shale shaker tank and the centrifugal tank can also be known as the treating tank. Both of these tanks are outfitted with shale shaker, mud cleaner and centrifuge to split up solids previously mentioned 100 micron to five microns. With these solids control devices, the mud could be released, and clean drilling liquids could be utilized again.

Because the drilling liquids is essential for each drilling process, to add some chemicals for example like barite, bentonite clay or something like that else. So a shearing tank and mixing tank can also be very essential for this solids control system.

After fully shearing or mixing the drilling liquids, the drilling mud could be storage inside a tank and prepared for more use. And also the mud agitator is playing an essential part in drilling liquids storage.

Whenever we connect two parallel ruthless mud pumps using the mud tank, we usually named the tank like a suction tank. Both of these mud pumps can suck the drilling liquids in the mud tank and supply clean drilling liquids towards the rigs.
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