Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Drilling Waste cuttings Decanter Centrifuge

Treatment of drilling waste cuttings for water based mud and oil based mud is one of the applications of GN solids control decanter centrifuge. In oil & gas drilling industry, decanter centrifuge is mainly used for solids control system ( to separate fine solids and recovery of barite) and drilling waste cuttings management. When it is used in drilling waste management system, it works together with vertical cuttings dryer, to separate the fine solids from the cuttings dryer discharged fluids. Sometimes for water based cuttings which with high solids content, there is a high G dryer behind the cuttings dryer and before decanter centrifuge, the purpose is to reduce the solids content in the fluids and protect the decanter centrifuge and get better performance.
The decanter centrifuge is installed on top of mud tank or on the telescopic skid. GN provide standard telescopic skid with handrails, walkways, stairs and other accessories, the feeding pump is installed on the skid for convenient transportation.
Decanter Centrifuge Skid
The decanter centrifuge can not be used directly in drilling cuttings treatment, because the cuttings are coming from shale shaker of solids control equipments, the solids content is too high and the solids size is too big to block the feeding tube of the centrifuge. The function of the vertical cuttings dryer is to separate the big solids and reduce the solids content, and recovery over 95% of oil from the waste. Because the screen mesh of the cuttings dryer is too coarse, most of the fine solids passed through the screen basket, a high speed decanter centrifuge is necessary for the further treatment.
Modular Drilling Waste Management

Right now GN solids America has 2 units of GNLW363CG centrifuge in Houston with telescopic skid for rent. It can be used for either solids control equipments and drilling waste cuttings treatment in the whole States, welcome to inquiry us. 
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