Thursday, October 9, 2014

Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal

There mainly 3 sealing types for centrifugal pumps, like shear pump, sand pump, slurry pump, etc…
1) Asbestos packing
2) Arid seal
3) Mechanical seal
Mechanical seal is the best and most costive sealing type. It is reliable and with a longer lifetime.
The basic definition of Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal
Mechanical seal is the seal device for rotary machines. Like centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, reactor and a compressor equipment that can be used in mud mixing system. Because the transmission shaft passes through in the inside and outside of the equipment, so, the existence of a circumferential clearance between the shaft and the equipment, equipment of medium leakage outwards through the gap, if the equipment inside the pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure, air to the equipment inside leakage, and therefore it must have a package to prevent leakage of the shaft. Many seal species, due to mechanical seal has the advantages of small amount of leakage and long service life and so on, so in today's world,  mechanical seal is sealed in the main shaft of the equipment. Mechanical seal is also called the face seal, in the relevant standards of the state is defined as: "by at least a pair of end faces perpendicular to the axis of rotation in the fluid pressure and the elasticity of compensation organizations (or magnetic) device function and coordination of auxiliary seals to keep integrating closely relative sliding form to prevent fluid leakage.
Summary of principles on Decanter Centrifuge Mechanical seal
Mechanical seal is by a pair of or number on the vertical axis for end face relative sliding in the fluid pressure and the compensation mechanism of elastic (or magnetic) under the action of combined with keep sticking auxiliary sealing and leakage resistance to seal device.
Common mechanical seal structure comprises a stationary ring (static ring) 1, rotating ring (dynamic ring) 2, 3 elastic components, a spring seat 4, fastening screw 5, a rotating ring auxiliary seal ring 6, and the static ring auxiliary seal ring 8 and other components, anti rotation pin 7 is fixed on the cover 9 to prevent static the rotation of the ring.
Rotating ring and the stationary ring is often also can according to whether they have the axial compensation capacity and is called the compensation loop or non compensation ring.

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